A 12-week toolkit for people with persistent dizziness, tinnitus and lingering unwanted symptoms.

Get the skills, tools and strategies you need to reach your desired outcomes.


You have begun seeking balance for your unwanted sensations of dizziness, vertigo, tinnitus or 'not-quite-right'.  

You want your life back.
Let us show you how.

With this program, you learn to rebuild sensory perceptions that feel calm and steady.  This is the process of 'neuroplasticity', your brain and body's ability to change itself.

ROCK STEADY provides you with specific eLearning Modules that you can do in your own time, at home.

Persistent symptoms can make us feel lost, confused and exhausted.  It can zap us of our joy, put us out of work and into that dark place of hopelessness. 

It doesn't have to be this way.
We give you the skills, tools and strategies you need to REBUILD balance, confidence, calm and clarity.  

ROCK STEADY offers you independence and puts you back in control.

You may have been told different things by different doctors or health professionals over the months/years.  It may have felt like a frustrating 'goose chase'.

The truth is, we have had NEW research discoveries over the last few years that are helping us better understand how to change the brain, and re-set symptoms.

ROCK STEADY is the only eLearning Program for vertigo, dizziness, disequilibrium and tinnitus that takes you on this journey, to change your brain.
It is time to craft new neural pathways within your body- to feel at ease.  

The ROCK STEADY program will teach you to re-set your balance/tinnitus "reactions".  You will create daily opportunity for neuroplasticity (nature's way to repair and rebuild itself) and to develop your own methodical recovery plan.  

You are the expert in how you feel.  
We inspire you and give you tools to seek your balance.  
This program will nurture and support you.  It will not diagnose or pigeonhole you.  

ROCK STEADY will offer you skills for life. 
## why I get it

 I know what it’s like to feel lost in the medical options.  I have worked since 2007 with cutting edge medical teams trying their best to find vertigo and tinnitus answers.

I know what it feels like when you have far more burning questions than real answers.

You ask yourself: Why do I feel like this? Will I get better? Will there ever be a cure?

How do I know? Not only am I a vestibular audiologist, but I’ve been there too.

 I get it.

 I’ve had that spinning, swaying sensation. I’ve had both vertigo and tinnitus. 

How did I feel?

I felt distressed. I felt ‘out of body’. Everything was loud.  I wanted to escape myself but I knew I couldn’t. Luckily, I had an ‘inner ear’ Masters degree and I could navigate my way to calm. 

I took action and supported the rewiring of my brain.  My symptoms resolved.  I got through it.  

I had vertigo and tinnitus. And I had a process to get through it.

 Now I’m here to show you that you can feel ROCK STEADY and learn about the art of neuroplasticity.  You are not alone.  

Thousands of people globally are learning to rewire their sensory system too.


## who we are and how we can help


Hey, I’m Joey Remenyi, the Founder and Director of Seeking Balance Australia.


I created the 12-week ROCK STEADY Toolkit to provide education and support specific for:
dizziness, tinnitus, vertigo and feeling 'not-quite-right'.

I’m a trained vestibular audiologist, focused in the art of neuroplasticity, a heart-driven yogini and mindfulness teacher with 18-years of experience.

And I’ve worked and trained with leading neurologists, ENT Surgeons, psychologists and vestibular physiotherapists. 

More importantly, I’ve had thousands of people walk through my door feeling exhausted, burnt out, frustrated and helpless.

They had been bouncing around between diagnostic tests and medical trials.  Fed up... they wanted inner-ear specific support.

 They wanted answers.  They wanted to feel better.

 They asked me to create a neuroplasticity toolkit.

 So I created ROCK STEADY to TEACH them the practical skills and tools that they NEEDED in everyday life.

They found a way to seek balance.


ROCK STEADY will empower you to respond effectively to your symptoms and create new sensory pathways.

No matter where you live.
All you need is internet access and you can craft your calm anywhere.

I steer you towards steady ground and help you to feel at ease in your body again.

This is your roadmap to destination balance.

Welcome to your professional support team.

You learn from home.
Click 'Play' on your terms.

12-week Online

Be inspired.

WHY JOIN? So that you can rewire your neural pathways and reset sensations of persistent dizziness/tinnitus.

We have selected the essential tools and teach you exactly what you NEED to know (in bitesize pieces).

HOW DOES IT WORK?  You get access to 6-Modules of self-paced eLearning (this is the equivalent of 12 x 1-hour sessions with Joey).  Including specific exercises tailored to meet your desired goals via multi-modal techniques.  You will learn to feel ROCK STEADY by practising it daily. 

WHAT WILL ROCK STEADY ACHIEVE? ROCK STEADY will teach you to tune inwards, craft your confidence and create calm using neuroplasticity. This is your practical "toolkit" so that you don't need to rely on others and can get your life back.

Why learn with us?

Feel clear, calm & purposeful
Create a mindset that is focused upon solutions not symptoms.
Reset your balance/tinnitus emotions, filters and reflexes  
Retrain your reaction to dizziness/tinnitus and feel confident more often.  Learn the art of prevention.
Strengthen your balance function and tone your muscles
Don't settle for second best. Re-work, re-wire and re-build from the feet upwards. Love your body again.  Feel proactive.
Boost your recovery 'mojo'.
A common obstacle holding people back from recovery is their lack of self-belief.  Save yourself time worrying.  Learn the latest science and implement it.  Get your life back.
Say 'Yes' to things you love.
You will learn strategies to interrupt the persistent dizziness/tinnitus cycle. You will learn to craft your desired feelings and build those exact neural traits... so that you can do what you want and say "Yes" to what matters.
## the ROCK STEADY breakdown

Here’s a sneak peek into what’s on offer in each module!


Module 1: 
We focus on finding steadiness and releasing neck or shoulder tension (essential for anyone with dizziness or tinnitus).  Start your daily home program and feel better for it.  This includes a 'BPPV- Benign Positional Vertigo' video kit- so that you can learn what to do during episodes of spontaneous vertigo.

Module 2: 
We begin by exploring our mind, thoughts and actions. Understand your unique inner process to best strengthen your brain, body and subtle neural pathways.  We look at 'cleaning out' our old balance/tinnitus filters and taking a fresh look at our belief system.

Module 3
Recovery requires variety - this module encourages us to think outside the box. We introduce variety into our daily movements with gentle curiosity.  And we discover how to stay supported during difficult moments.  Learn to update your daily program as you progress.  You choose, every step of the way.

Module 4: 
We learn about our 'autonomic nervous system' and why it is important to keep the body biology in 'repair' mode.  We learn how to recognise when we are feeling stuck in a cycle of 'worry' and what to do about it.  We learn to be prepared for whatever sensations we feel each day.

Module 5: 
Cultivating mindset. We master any feelings, doubts and persistent thoughts that are challenging us as we move forwards.  We learn how to support ourselves and feel both confident and prepared within uncertainty.  Back yourself.  Keep moving forwards.  Rebuild, rewire, reset.

Module 6 
Step into your inner wisdoms and values on a daily basis.  Lean in, and learn how to listen to your body and trust that it knows what to do. We explore our changing needs and look at thriving as a new way of life.  Rework your neural pathways ongoing to remain focused on your desired feelings.  Enjoy the journey of crafting...

Each module contains:

*A 40-minute audio for cultivating a mindfulness mindset so that you feel clear, calm and purposeful

*Module notes so that you can easily review your achievements

*Short videos so that you can feel confident in crafting your new neural pathways. 

*Specific mindfulness exercises so that you maximise your opportunity to rewire your brain, daily.

*The opportunity to track your symptom progress score and see the benefits.


Start ROCK STEADY today.
Craft your calm for just $194 x 3
monthly payments
(or save with one-time payment).
Lifetime access to ROCK STEADY 
(the equivalent of 12 x 1-hour sessions valued over $3,600)
Motivation and reassurance as you receive each of your six-modules (stop the worry cycle + don't chase anymore generic therapies)
Over 350-minutes of audio + 23 videos  so that you can learn at your own pace. Easy. Simple. Relaxed.
Mind-body specific tools, skills and strategies so that you regain your self-confidence and feel purposeful
Peace of mind knowing that you have resources to reset the rotations, tilts and acceleration pathways within your inner ears.
-Neck/shoulder tension​​​​​​ release
-Sleep skills
-Anxiety resources
-The positional vertigo Video Kit

Ruth: A  Meniere’s + ROCK STEADY Case Study.

Ruth shares her story (listen here) on starting the ROCK STEADY program to help her ease her symptoms (foggy, heavy head, tinnitus, dizziness, fear of Meniere’s attacks, avoidance of social events…etc).
Her Symptom score has since reduced from 84% disability to only 6%.
Ruth reports feeling more ‘free’ in her mind and stronger in her body with a daily practice of 15-minutes.

## are our balance programs for you?

Many of our clients have tried everything.  They have consulted numerous doctors and had endless investigations but still feel not-quite-right. 

This is for you if you have dizziness that is persistent or difficult to manage such as "PPPD/3PD"
vestibular migraine, Meniere's or mal debarquement.  Maybe you still don't have a firm diagnosis or you have tinnitus

ROCK STEADY is designed to help you refine the residual inner ear function that you have.  Boost it.

You can craft your inner mapping.  Learn to support new neural pathways that feel good.


Many of our clients report a loss of confidence, confusion, overwhelm, anxiety, uncertainty, frustration or anger due to their dizziness/tinnitus.

They found a way to feel ROCK STEADY again.  They found a way and they created a plan.


So if you’ve landed in our pit stop of calm, here’s how you’ll know if ROCK STEADY is for you:

But is this for me?
You will need around 1-hour each week + 15-minutes a day.
What we do:
When you start ROCK STEADY, we will:
  • *Teach you to explore the recovery strategy that best suits you.  You will get specific about what action you choose to take daily.
  • *Compliment any current medication/diet/exercises  you are trying.  This will superboost your toolkit.
  • *Teach you skills and tools that reduce worry and anxiety related to your symptoms. 
  • *Craft your own personalised daily neuroplasticity plan using eLearning.  Less is more.  Stay specific.  Do it at your pace.
  • *Teach you ways to feel at ease and confident again. We guide you to feel solid in your body so that you no longer need to struggle with symptoms.
  • *Teach you to update your daily mindset so that you can reach your desired goals on your terms.  So that you can feel good ongoing.
We don't do:
Get information specific for you.  Recovery isn't random.
  • *We will not expect miracles, make outrageous claims or expect someone else to ‘fix/cure’ your symptoms.  We know that is something you need to do for yourself- we teach you how.
  • *We will not tell you what to believe or what to do (you choose every step of the way).
  • *We will not give you a cookie-cutter generic program.
  • *We will not expect you to be calm all the time.  Nor will we expect you to do vigourous exercise that make you feel worse.  This program is very gentle.
  • *We will not expect you to be perfect all the time but we do encourage you to commit as best you can to your daily program.
  • *We don't expect you to see a magical 'fix' on this program (but we frequently have clients tell us that they feel immediate relief when practising their favourite exercises).
## how we want you to feel

When you’ve completed these programs, we want you to feel clear and confident in your body 

We want you to feel in control.

We want you to look back at your symptoms like a distant memory, that you can hardly recall.


You already have everything it takes to find steadiness and feel inner balance – you just need to know how to tap into those neural pathways. 

This is a new way of recovery.


This is more than a magic pill.

We’re here to show you how neuroplasticity is your best friend.


## the time to find balance is now


Chronic stress has been shown to slow vestibular recovery and increase tinnitus severity. 

Both dizziness and tinnitus can generate increased anxiety and contribute to chronic stress.

Problem.  This can lead to persistent symptoms.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Your body can learn to adapt and substitute old neural pathways. 
We can change the way we perceive our sensations. 
Reset your filters.
Feel at peace.


Your body is on your team.


Stop the struggle with symptoms and learn to reset the wiring of your brain.


You can learn to support the neuroplastic process and be the master of your own balanced life.

When you get ROCK STEADY, you may feel better than ever.


When you sign up to ROCK STEADY you are choosing to reset your filters and heal.

You can do this and we support you.

Meet Joey.  Get ROCK STEADY.


Seek your balance

100% Money Back Cooling Off Period
We stand by this program and believe that if you put the time in, you will feel the benefits. Contact us within 7-days of registering for the online program if you wish to cancel your membership, We will happily refund your investment.



This is where the science of neuroplasticity and the art of mindfulness collide.

It’s where authenticity, practical strategy and gentle wisdom meet.

You belong here.

still not sure?
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