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ROCK STEADY is a 12 week process to help you get your life back using neuroplasticity. 

Seek balance within yourself.

Rewire your body using the body’s ability to change its neural connections.

ROCK STEADY is for anyone experiencing feelings of dizziness, vertigo, tinnitus or 'not-quite-right'. 

Many of our clients also report anxiety, sleep disturbance, muscle tension and chronic pain.  And don't worry, we have this covered too.

You want your life back.
Let us show you how.

With this program, you learn to rebuild your biology system.  This is the process of 'neuroplasticity', your brain and body's ability to change itself.

ROCK STEADY provides you with easy-to-follow cutting edge eLearning Modules specific for persistent symptoms.

It is easy to follow and you do it in your own time, at home.
We give you the skills, tools and strategies you need so that you can feel confident, calm and clear again.  

The ROCK STEADY Program puts you back in control.


An integrative medicine approach for persistent symptoms of vertigo, dizziness and tinnitus.

Over 12-weeks get the complete toolkit so that you can retrain your body, emotions and sensations.

12-week Online

Be inspired.

WHY START? So that you can rewire your neural pathways ASAP and reset persistent dizziness/tinnitus.

We have selected the essential tools and teach you from an evidence based holistic perspective (in bitesize pieces).

HOW DOES IT WORK?  Using eLearning you get the equivalent of 12 x 1-hour sessions with Joey.  This includes video, audios, worksheets and emails with specific exercises that are tailored to meet your desired goals.  You will learn to feel ROCK STEADY by practising it daily. 

WHAT WILL ROCK STEADY ACHIEVE? ROCK STEADY will teach you to tune inwards, and give you skills for life using the principles of neuroplasticity. This is your practical "toolkit" so that you don't need to rely on others and can get your life back.

Start ROCK STEADY today.
$549 + GST
Monthly payments available
Lifetime access to ROCK STEADY 
(the equivalent of 12 x 1-hour sessions valued over $3,600)
Motivation and reassurance as you receive each of your six-modules (stop the worry cycle + implement new tools into your daily life)
Over 350-minutes of audio + 23 videos  so that you can learn at your own pace. Easy. Simple. Relaxed.
Mind-body specific tools, skills and strategies so that you regain your self-confidence and feel purposeful
Peace of mind knowing that you have resources to reset the rotations, tilts and acceleration pathways within your inner ears.
-Neck/shoulder tension​​​​​​ release
-Sleep skills
-Anxiety resources
-The positional vertigo Video Kit

Why a self-study program?

Feel clear, calm & purposeful
Create a mindset that is focused upon solutions not symptoms.
Reset your balance/tinnitus emotions, filters and reflexes  
Retrain your reaction to dizziness/tinnitus and feel confident more often.  Learn the art of prevention via videos, audios and worksheets.
Strengthen your balance function and tone your muscles
Learn to do what medications can't do for you. Re-work, re-wire and re-build from the feet upwards.  Feel proactive.
Work at your own pace, anywhere.
A common obstacle holding people back from recovery is their lack of self-belief. Learn the latest science and implement it at home.  Get your life back.
Say 'Yes' to things you love.
You will learn strategies to interrupt the persistent dizziness/tinnitus cycle. You will learn to craft your desired feelings and build those exact neural traits... so that you can do what you want and say "Yes" to what matters.

Each module contains:

*A 40-minute audio for cultivating a mindfulness mindset so that you feel clear, calm and purposeful

*Module notes so that you can easily review your achievements

*Short videos so that you can feel confident in crafting your new neural pathways. 

*Specific mindfulness exercises so that you maximise your opportunity to rewire your brain, daily.

*The opportunity to track your symptom progress score and see the benefits.


Ruth: A  Meniere’s + ROCK STEADY Case Study.

Ruth shares her story (listen here) on starting the ROCK STEADY program to help her ease her symptoms (foggy, heavy head, tinnitus, dizziness, fear of Meniere’s attacks, avoidance of social events…etc).
Her Symptom score has since reduced from 84% disability to only 6%.
Ruth reports feeling more ‘free’ in her mind and stronger in her body with a daily practice of 15-minutes.

## how we want you to feel

When you’ve completed these programs, we want you to feel clear and confident in your body 

We want you to feel in control.

We want you to look back at your symptoms like a distant memory, that you can hardly recall.


You already have everything it takes to find steadiness and feel inner balance – you just need to know how to tap into those neural pathways. 

This is a new way of recovery.


This is more than a magic pill.

We’re here to show you how neuroplasticity is your best friend.


## the time to find balance is now


Chronic stress has been shown to slow vestibular recovery and increase tinnitus severity. 

Both dizziness and tinnitus can generate increased anxiety and contribute to chronic stress.

This can lead to persistent symptoms.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Your body can learn to adapt and substitute old neural pathways. 

We can change the way we process 'data'. 

You can reset your filters, like updating a computer.

​​​​​​​Your body is on your team. ​​​​​​​

When you sign up to ROCK STEADY you are choosing to reset your filters and heal.

You can do this and we support you.

Meet Joey.  Get ROCK STEADY.


Seek your balance

Get ROCK STEADY for $549
100% Money Back Cooling Off Period
We stand by this program and believe that if you put the time in, you will feel the benefits. Contact us within 7-days of registering for the online program with your reasons to cancel your membership, We will happily refund your investment.

still not sure?
Book a 30-minute Video Call with Joey to  answer your questions.  
Feel at ease with eLearning and video calls.
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